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Local Sightings is Northwest Film Forum’s premier showcase of Northwest filmmaking. The festival, which happens at NWFF’s theaters in Seattle, features great prizes, filmmaker parties, archival Northwest films and an impressive national film industry jury looking for strong Northwest work.

The annual festival includes both feature film presentations as well as short film programs and special events with live film performances, installation art, audience participation and parties. Also in this year’s festival will be the usual assortment of fiction, documentary and experimental films as well as a featured presentation of a historical Seattle film, and an opening party that will ignite Seattle’s film scene Friday night and keep it bleary eyed Saturday morning.

If you prefer the home-grown to the over-blown, Local Sightings is for you!

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“[Northwest Film Forum is] the preeminent steward of our local film scene.” —Seattle Weekly

“The only important festival dedicated to local/regional films…Introduces audiences to the best the local scene has to offer.” —The Stranger, 2010

“This thoughtfully curated collection of locally produced shorts, features, and archival films is unafraid of experimentation and steps outside of the standard no-budget tropes of so many amateur productions.” –The Stranger

“[NWFF is] an instant Capitol Hill landmark, and the [Local Sightings] fest could be a landmark party.” -Tim Appelo, Seattle Weekly

“At a time when most independent filmmakers are vying fora slot at Sundance or courting Hollywood’s so-called ‘indie-film’ boutiques, it’s refreshing to see a film that caters exclusively to the mysteries of artistic expression…Local Sightings is under the radar, but not for long.” -Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times

“The films in the Northwest Film Forum’s Local Sightings Film Festival are genuine independents, developed and created with Pacific Northwest talent in front of and behind the camera, from Vancouver, B.C., to Portland, as well as points between and beyond.” -Sean Axmaker, Seattle PI

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